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Floor 8 mm VS12 mm, who is the mainstream?!

Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Nanjing market is currently popular mainly in the floor strengthening thickness of 8 mm and 12 mm. Like some traditional brands to 8 mm. The main reason why the 8 mm product line, their reason is 8 mm, after years of product research and development in market, in terms of technology or from the requirements of environmental protection. Have reached a new height, simply speaking, is a relatively mature technology. And some new products to 12 mm based products, their reason is paving effect is good, the foot feels comfortable. In the face of “the public just said, both sides just said” numerous market, consumers how to choose.?

8 millimeter is the mainstream product

The popular thickness is 8 mm wood floors, and the domestic market to strictly abide by the thickness of the well-known brand of only some of the strength of the old company. The main varieties of them is 8 mm thick, and other colors such as cherry, the thickness of the ivory wood and iron specifications of Chinese fir was 8.6 mm some brand floor thickness specifications. There are three, respectively 8.2,8.3 and 8.5 mm, in addition to some of the thickness of the floor is set to 8.4 mm. So why mainstream brands will be the flagship product positioning themselves in a thickness of about 8 mm? According to a brand floor sales staff said: “one is the result of international fashion trend on the two floor is 8 mm long years of development, production technology and mature technology. Another important feature is that environmental protection and wear.

To strengthen the floor on the market of another variety of good sales is about 12 mm. The floor is better as I am a sales of the brand is 12 mm to strengthen the wooden floor of the main force, the thickness of 11.3 mm and 12 mm and other similar products in the fierce competition in the market to occupy the foot floor.

Both have advantages and disadvantages.

In the end of the two kind is better? The industry believes that these two products are not essentially different, strengthening material floor use 8 mm thickness is high density board; and 12 mm thick material is used in MDF. Because of the use of the material is not the same, so has the advantages of.8 mm the floor, because of high density, so the anti impact ability, but because of relatively thin, the warm family, its good thermal conductivity. And 12 mm of the floor, because of low density, and has a relatively good point; but under the same conditions, environmental performance is relatively worse.

For consumers. Wear resistance is one of the main factors that they choose to strengthen the floor. What determines the wear resistance of the floor is that the surface layer of the strengthened floor is aluminum trioxide, commonly known as “ceramic wafer”. The higher the gram number of ceramic wafer. Its wear resistance is higher, vice versa is lower. In general, in line with the national standards for the aggrandizement floor of more than 45 grams, and some low-end small brand surface aluminum trioxide number of 38 grams. Therefore, whether consumers choose 8mm or 12mm aggrandizement floor, be sure to understand the wear resistance, because it relates to the quality and service life of aggrandizement floor.

For consumers who prefer laminate flooring, 8 millimeter and 12 millimeter floor have their own advantages, so the reporter suggests that consumers should choose their own products after knowing their respective characteristics.

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