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WPC floor “colorful” to create a colorful home environment

Thursday, April 4, 2019

In general, people in the decoration of the first thought is the color of the wall, and the single tone of the floor very casually. But I do not know today’s floor style. Color has become more and more fashionable. WPC flooring that set off a color storm brings convenience and practicality, but also gives the wood floor a new avantgarde feeling.

Now the WPC floor has a different interpretation of the style and personality, no longer stuck in the color close to wood color or deep or shallow. The colors are bright bold, bright yellow, orange, gray, blue, passion red, bright colors or independent chapters, or be used. People with using a variety of colors of the floor to arbitrarily outline personalized space. Now the wood floor more and more bright in color, jumping, perhaps it is a manifestation of this trend.

WPC floor wear-resistant, easy to take care of, diverse brands, various varieties, colorful. 15 kinds of fashion colors, breaking the past traditional anti-real wood grain or deep or shallow color dominating the world. In order to enrich and meet our home life. In the future, no longer need to look at the wallpaper design rich and helpless, looking at the paint color bright and unreachable. Can be a color laid. It can also be used with several colors.

Like quiet friends, can choose blue and silver; And bright and bright yellow and orange wood flooring is more lovely in the children’s room. Apricot color, cotton velvet color, light gray, metal color and so on a series of clear and vibrant color wood plastic floor. Meets the consumer to the ground decoration color each kind of “obstinate” request.

The color of the floor belongs to the environmental color, therefore plays a decisive role in the choice of decoration wood floor color tone and style in the whole space. In general, if the room size and adequate lighting, it should be a better choice of color, texture coarse; on the contrary, the small area of the room can choose on color, texture in detail, the small space is large. And the living room ceiling, wall, furniture color, but also affects the choice of wood flooring.

In the choice of color, dark blue, light powder, dark green such as adventure and full of impact color can be said to be the choice of young people, dynamic, vibrant colors will fully activate the living atmosphere of the room; Bright, clear and lucid color instantly evokes happy mood of life. The floor color of lustre and lustre is steady and thick and heavy show downy; Melodic rich color is elegant and atmospheric. In addition, from the pale color, elegant wood plastic floor, you can also see the style and taste of the selector.

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